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At 2:00 a.m. on the January 12th, 1985 Queen stepped out on stage to make one of their most historic concert appearances.

Freddie, Roger, John, & Brian faced a crowd of well over 250'000 people; the largest crowd ever assembled for a single concert.

The occasion was the opening of the Rock in Rio festival, an extraordinary 10-day event billed as 90 hours of peace & music - a coming together of many of the world's most important music artists for what was intended to be the biggest rock celebration since Woodstock.

Having previously trail-blazed Latin America with their pioneering tour in 1981, it was only fitting that the opening ceremony should be staged by Queen, & their return to the country was without doubt the most eagerly anticipated moments in the festival.

It is a moment that has forever been captured in time as an entry in history books as the opening of the biggest rock events of all time, as an unfailing memory in the minds of over 250'000 South Americans, & thankfully, for the rest of us, in this unique footage!

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