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Durée 55 minutes

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03:05 Bodyshockers


Katie Piper heads to the party town of Magaluf, where thousands of holiday-makers get tattoos as well as a tan.

She meets Stefan, who got a tattoo when drunk on holiday that he has no recollection of. The following morning he found he had an obscene message on his arm about a man called Barry. When Stefan got home, he had to face his friends and family and the endless speculation: who's Barry?

Katie meets 24-year-old Liz from Manchester, who's on her way to have a bee tattooed on each knee, while Jeema regrets the small dragon tattoo that sits just above her bikini line as it gets mistaken for pubic hair.

Katie meets Callum, who regrets getting his ears stretched and now faces having his lobes sliced off, and Claire from Ramsbottom, who hates the tattoo that her ex inked across her thigh.

There's also Heather, who plucked her eyebrows so much that she doesn't have any left and faces surgery.

Series Prod: Jude Parker; Exec Prod: Oliver Wright; Prod Co: Endemol.

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